NX-3082 is the biggest member of the product line of compact intelligent instruments for workplaces for measuring of geometric quantities. The basic areas for the instrument application are more complicated measuring stations with manual or automatic operation but it can be used for laboratory measurements. By means of an assembly of processor type ARM and of a triplet of gate arrays Lattice a significant improvement at the signal processing and organization of the instrument activity was achieved


Při konstrukci přístroje byl kladen důraz zejména na tyto vlastnosti:

  • An easy integration of the instrument into measuring workplaces, control systems of working machines as well as quality control systems,
  • a larger number and assortment of measuring and contact channels then usual at instruments of this category - the instrument can be fitted with up to 8 measuring channels for inductive sensors and 2 measuring channels for incremental sensors – a possibility can be made of an extension by external modules (e.g. for processing of further inductive sensors or pneumatic signals). Not negligible is also the possibility to equip the instrument with a bigger number of various binary channels I/O directly in the basic version and, moreover, the possibility to utilize the external modules, again, which enables the utilization even for more complicated tasks such as measuring of more parameters with a dynamic evaluation,
  • an easy and well arranged operation by means of a menu and function keys. For depiction an LCD TFT display with a diagonal 6,5“and with high brightness and for operation of the front panel a capacity keyboard with a high lifespan and with built-in suppression of external influences are used,
  • nadstandardní možnosti grafického zobrazení průběhu a výsledku měření díky komfortnímu barevnému displeji s rozlišením 640 x 480 bodů.


Number of measuring channels:
  • 1 – 8 for inductive sensors, 0 – 2 for incremental sensors
Sensor type:
  • inductive differential sensor LVDT – version half-bridge, incremental bar sensor, feeding 5V
  • Other types of sensors for electrical quantities in external modules
Measuring channels:
  • inductive sensor – standard range ±2mm, resolution 0,1μm
    At more than 1500 measurements/sec
  • incremental sensor – range 2^24 divisions, max. frequency of the input signal 10 MHz
Binary inputs and outputs:
  • communication port (generally applicable –level TTL)
  • galvan. separated 2x4 OUT 24V/0,7A, 11 IN 24V
  • colorful LCD TFT 640x480 pixel
  • 2MB RAM + 192 KB processor + 512KB display + 32KB FRAM
  • capacity membrane – 27 keys
  • 1x USB host for connection of a printer, flash drive
  • 1x USB device for connection to PC– firmware actualization, data transfer
  • port for connection of Profibus DP, possible connection to Ethernet
  • serial line (from communication port RS-232, RS-485 or a current loop 20mA)
  • Real time watch backed up by a lithium battery
Power supply:
  • 24V DC/max. 0,5A
Dimensions, weight:
  • 255 x 185 x 58mm (without connectors), 2 kg